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CN2 Has Developed the Premier, Enterprise, Augmented Reality Solution.

Developed at a high level of abstraction, CN2’s Platform allows our focus to remain on developing technologies that provide the greatest benefit to the Enterprise. This includes a Parse-style Restful API for updating AR application data, a custom Analytics Engine with unique AR features, and the ability to leverage best-in-class tools when appropriate.

In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, CN2’s plug-in architecture empowers your Augmented Reality solution to utilize a variety of computer vision and rendering technologies. This ensures your users will experience perfect performance on the Android, iOS or Windows phone, tablet or wearable of their choice.

Our Cloud-Hosted, multi-tenant approach leverages the latest WebGL and WebRTC technologies and requires zero-configuration on modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Content creation is often considered the greatest obstacle for scaling Enterprise AR. In response to this need, CN2 presents our out-of-the-box, content-free, AR-enhanced remote assistance product, Assist. Need 3D content? CN2 provides an automated CAD translation pipeline for all of our products. This pipeline streamlines the decimation and de-featuring of native CAD formats, while preserving upstream material and texture information, allowing for the propagation of engineering changes downstream.

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CN2 offers the most dynamic and elegant cloud-hosted Augmented Reality solution available. Learn how to repurpose your existing 2D, 3D and CAD assets into highly impactful and measurable AR content. Don’t have any assets? No problem! CN2’s Assist allows your enterprise to get started immediately without the need for content.